is a powerful dramatized musical based on the true life experiences of its creator, music producer. In the form of a musical soundtrack (much like a radio drama) it tells the real story of how oppressive and frightening occult involvement can be, but then how liberating salvation through Jesus Christ truly is.

Through the eyes of the lead character, Nanoushka (Louise Key) enters into dialogue with the Devil (played by one of Christendom s most famous TV actors, Russell Boulter) as he tries to tempt her further into occult involvement. Totally out of control of her situation, she cries out for help and the story develops to describe her struggle to escape her torment until she finally surrenders her life to Jesus and is set free!

This is a powerful and sometimes unnerving production of drama, music and songs that has brought many to the Lord from occult lifestyles and has been used around the world by Christian radio stations as an outreach at Halloween, and packed with scripture, Into The Light, gets the truth across that Halloween is no laughing matter!

In fact, one of it's songs, 'Everyday', reached No:5 in the Australian Christian Radio Charts and extracts from it have been performed to live audiences of tens of thousands at internationally broadcast televised concerts in India.

Closer to home, Into The Light has been featured on: ITV, Revelation TV, Cross Rhythms Radio, The Son Newspaper, Joy Magazine, New Life and Lifebite.

Duration: 1h 9min including 12 songs created to be experienced as one continuous production.


A full length film is planned in the near future, but in the meantime video imagery has been added to the original soundtrack to make an audio visual that can be seen here on YouTube: